Monday, January 2, 2006

Houston Arrival

We arrived here in Houston on the 30th. I arrived a few hours before Ellie and Ryan. This allowed me to fill out some paper work and find the most comfortable chair in the waiting room. Texas Children's Hospital had a reputation for being not only one of the top children's hospital in the country but the world... and based on our initial encounters, it is well deserved. We met some of the doctors and a few nurses. They have been unbelievably friendly and courteous to us.

We don't have any updates to Ellie's condition. The doctors are pouring over her paper work from OKC. They will do some initial testing and ask us some questions to see what sort of game plan they want to create. An MRI and an MRS will be done on Tuesday. Most of the tests that will be performed in the next few days will be to see what has changed since the tests were done in OKC.

We'll try to update this website daily. Thanks for the prayers and support.


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